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Hospitals are complex environments with many moving parts and departments. With so much on the line, any possible stress and friction reduction through intuitive navigation is pivotal to hospital success.

The Wayfinding App can help to ensure that there are reductions in delays, missed appointments and staff time lost – reducing costs and increasing efficiency. 

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Problems Hospitals Experience

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Technology and Innovation

Indoor & Outdoor Smartphone Navigation is here

Technology has been revolutionising every area of our lives; to the point where we would find it hard to imagine life without the screens, cars and the internet.

When it comes to navigation, there exists a number of convenient map apps on smartphones which allow users to effectively navigate the outdoors on foot or by vehicle.

However when it comes to large complexes, indoor areas and buildings, we still rely solely off signs and spoken directions. 

The Wayfinder App is the future of indoor and outdoor navigation. Make visiting your building complexes seamless and simple for visitors and staff alike. Get in touch below to find out how we can bring cutting edge smartphone navigation to your organisation.

How The Wayfinder App Can Help Hospitals