Welcome to the Wayfinder App

The Wayfinder App uses ground-breaking technology to help users clearly navigate their way throughout complex buildings and internal environments. It has the capacity to also integrate with your existing App or be bespoke.

Levels Approach

Our Philosophy & Approach

Level 1


Moving people throughout any indoor space to their destination - considering both visitors & staff.

Level 2


Using cutting edge indoor navigation technology, we can combine this with our wayfinding expertise to help visitors seamlessly find their way.

Level 3

Custom Built

We believe all of our clients deserve a custom solution that fits their brand and their unique way of working.

How Are We Different?

The Wayfinder App isn’t just any regular type of wayfinding app technology. But don’t take our word for it, here’s why…

No Hardware Needed

No need to fuss around with specialised wifi routers and beacons. Our app works as a stand alone solution.

Integrates With Your Ecosystem

Whatever database, CRM or platforms you already have, the Wayfinder App can integrate seamlessy with them.

Pin-Point Accuracy

Our navigation tracking is sharp. With our app able to track the users movement accurate to 1 metre or less.


Most frequent questions and answers

The Wayfinder App is a wayfinding app technology that allows users to navigate a complex indoor building(s) as though they were following Google Maps directions.

Yes, it’s bespoke. Our proprietary app technology has been made so it easily functions in most buildings. However each client has specific and tailored needs and we will need to adapt it to be a bespoke solution for your organisation.

If you have any indoor building or area our app could be right for you. We serve hospitals, universities, shopping centres and corporate buildings to name but a few.

No. Our app’s proprietary technology works perfectly without needing to install beacons or external infrastructure in your building(s).

We always make our app bespoke to each client. Some clients may also require extra features on the app outside of the main navigation function.

We understand you probably have a few questions at this point. Please get in touch with our lead consultant [email protected] to find out more.

Smart Buildings

Easy Navigation

Smartbuildings use technology like ours to generate the efficient movement of people, resulting in substantial time and large cost savings. 

Staff, visitors and users will more likely have a positive experience and it leaves you with the ability to send messages to users for any particular updates.

Facilities Management

Our app can help your Smartbuilding by being able to reporting Issues in building within the app natively.

Whether this results in sending engineers to fix technical faults or staff to attend an incident, you will have the p
ossibility of using a real time monitor to track


Analytics are a huge part of the impactful benefit of smart buildings.

From tracking daily footfall to occupancy data – you can track how the building is being used and also apply space optimisation to serve your organisation’s environment best.